• We'll keep your business risks in check

    When your business plans roll out, growth and success need to be safeguarded. Your business will require a well managedIT framework that weaves policies and procedures within your organisation. Those policies should address how you handlemany aspects of your organisation's work processes, including:

    • Data Protection
    • Compliance with regulatory bodies such as FSA and PCI
    • Security protocols
    • Employee codes of practice
    • TCF
    • Insurance
    • Disaster recovery

    Omicron offers an immediate solution to any business that wishes to integrate any or all of the above, and at any stage in its development. The cost of not doing so could be a setback at the very least, or at worst, the death of your business.

    Omicron offers the experience of an IT Director, at a fraction of the cost ofhiring one full time.
    We have the competence to aleviate business risk, introduce structure and control to business operations and open the eyes of any business to the opportunities that strategically sound IT planning can offer. We could provide critical support anddirection, just when you need it.

    • Security Audit
    • Compliance Review

    Security Audit

    Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your business in these key areas:

    • Handling and processing information
    • Data security
    • Risk management
    • Regulatory compliance

    What we do

    We'll talk to your people, assess your network, security policies and applications. We'll evaluate potential threats and weaknesses and present the results. Some key points we will be raising are:

    Who is in charge of security, and who does this person report to?

    How are passwords created and managed?

    How is email and web security monitored?

    Are suppliers and remote workers covered by security policies?

    Is a disaster-recovery plan in place?

    To conclude, we identify areas where you can save money by managing and implementing efficient processes and identifying better solutions in IT hardware and software. You'll benefit from planning your business strategy with confidence in knowing that it's protected from harm by the risks of day to day business operations. Your business security really is in safe hands with Omicron.

    Compliance Review

    With our help, compliance can be managed within your business. We can help you and your business get it right:

    • Over 18 years experience in FSA regulated finance industry
    • A full understanding of PCI compliance
    • Expertise at managing and implementing change
    • Setting standards and procedures for best practice
    • Tailoring compliance documentation

    What we do

    We'll help your business embrace the need for effective compliance. And we'll help you implement, communicate and monitor processes to meet the necessary goals that need to be set. We can answer questions such as:

    How do we create effective Compliance Manuals and Compliance Monitoring programs?

    How can we better manage the day to day hassles of the compliance function?

    How can we prepare for an FSA inspection?

    Contact Omicron and we'll remove compliance threats, and provide a clear strategy on how to plan for the ever changing world of compliance that's relevant to your business. No need to train people or learn rules and regulations, it's all here in the cranial vaults of Omicron.

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