• Choose outsourced IT Management and you'll find your finances manage better too

    Appointing an IT Director can present a very tough problem indeed. The investment you need to make on salary and benefits is a heavy burden, especially when you add the cost of implementing changes that may be suggested in their proposal document when it lands on your desk. And what happens if the person you hire fails to live up to expectations - 4 or 5 months into his or her tenure? Yes, more cost!

    An outsourced option gives you the best solution all round.
    As your business develops, the need for the right systems and the right processes become more and more important to get right, especially financially. With Omicron, you get that solution. You get advice, direction and the confidence to realise your business ambitions, without the financial strain (or drain) of a five or six figure salary.

    The results of integrating Omicron within your business can provide 3 real, measurable benefits:

    1. Improved operational efficiency and increased productivity
    2. Reduced risk through better security
    3. Efficient communication and clearer planning

    A flexible relationship can be the strongest one.
    It's a flexible arrangement too. If you don't like what we do and you don't see results within the first month, you can pull the plug without the upheaval and upset of changing personnel. Of course, the flip side of this is that you could forge a relationship with our experts for as long as you continue to see the value of our strategic input and contribution to the success of your business.

    We are of course in it for the long haul.
    Getting to know your business inside out takes time and we become an intrinsic part of your business, gaining reward from your success as much as we do from our own.

    We can advise knowledgably on almost every conceivable IT challenge, having gained over 18 years experience on:

    • Business process and related applications (CRM, ERP, MRP, EPoS, etc)
    • Online presence, including website, social media
    • IT policy and procedures - documentation and implementation
    • Direction and development of IT personnel
    • Compliance and security reviews
    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    • System and supplier reviews

    If you would like to meet us and hear more about how we can help you meet your IT challenges, click here and book an appointment.