• We can be your dedicated IT Director, it's a win win strategy

    Strategic input from an outsourced IT Director provides many benefits to your business. To start with it's a cost advantage. An experienced IT Director offering high value strategic direction to your business doesn't come cheap. But by harnessing the strengths of a highly experienced, versatile and professional IT consultancy you can have your cake and eat it.

    Omicron can operate as an adjunct to your Board of Directors, and interface with the management team and IT personnel. And it can all be achieved within a much more realistic budget than you may have thought possible. At Omicron, we have the experience to plan and guide any and every IT issue to a cost effective and successful conclusion. It could be anything from fire fighting immediate problems, tackling and implementing short term goals or facilitating and contributing to the roll out of a long term strategy for your business.

    So what advantages do we have over any other outsourced IT resource? 
    We have built up a wealth of knowledge with over 18 years experience gained as Technical Director for an IT consultancy and IT Director for an FSA regulated finance company owned by Bank of America. Strategically we're used to tackling the biggest projects and the most complex challenges, but we're also capable of operating with limited budgets too, whether it's mentoring the IT department, bespoke project planning or implementing policies and procedures as part of a short term contract.

    We're also available 24/7, ready to respond to immediate changes in your business or the industry.
    We work at finding the right solution to meet agreed objectives, deadlines and budgets. With regular progress reports, board updates and effective project planning, you'll be able to focus your attentions on other areas of the business that need your support, safe in the knowledge that IT is being expertly managed.